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Wrongful death cases are different than regular personal injury cases. When a person dies as the result of someone else’s negligence, the surviving family members are left with an irreplaceable loss. Though they can never be truly compensated for what they lost, the law makes it possible for them to recover monetary damages in the wrongful death of an individual. This is especially important when a loved one dies and leaves behind family members that were dependent on the victim’s financial support. A wrongful death award provides some financial security to the survivors of the victim.

Wrongful death occurs when an act, failure to act, or misconduct of an individual or company results in a victim dying. This can be a result of a motor vehicle or motorcycle accident, recreational activity (skiing, rafting, etc.), plane crash, dangerous drug, faulty product, faulty machinery or equipment, work-related accident, medical negligence or malpractice, construction accident, property owner’s negligence, or criminal attack including a gunshot or knife injury.

Wrongful Death Injury Lawyers

The Colorado injury attorneys at understand the impact of the wrongful death of a relative on a family. The experience can overwhelm a family with grief and financial compensation is the last thing on a suffering family's mind.

However, if a loved one’s death was preventable, families should speak to an attorney as soon as possible. This ensures they receive the compensation to which they are entitled and protects them from the financial consequences that can arise after losing a family member. Under Colorado law, there is a limited time in which a family can take action against wrongful death and the sooner contact is made with an attorney the better the odds of receiving justice. The experienced wrongful death attorneys at Bloch & Chapleau can help.

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